7 inches underground

Haha oh gods I still miss you so much

Slayer - Disciple


Disciple | Slayer

My favourite

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After more than one year, I can still find the way to your house on google maps ^^ some things can’t be easily get forgotten at all

Practice practice practice

Practice practice practice




bitches don’t be so full of ourselves and be thankful for people reblogging ur art (and therefore liking it and promoting it) and of course people are entitled to delete the artist comment since it’s their fucking blog and they’ll do the fuck the want with them

LOL I can’t believe how greedy and unthankful some people can be

so since this comment turns out to be real, I’ll say this:

Under your logic, anyone would be “entitled” to punch you in your face if they wanted to and you shouldn’t have a problem with it because it’s their hand and they can do whatever the fuck they want with it. That’s your screwy logic.

Also… Greedy??? Unthankful?????
Who the fuck would be thankful that some asshole decided that their input on their own artwork, that they worked hard on, wasn’t good enough for their blog?????

I don’t want anyone reblogging my art who can’t even respect me enough to leave my commentary where I put it. We put our comments there for it to STAY THERE. REBLOGGING OUR ART DOES NOT MEAN IT NOW BELONGS TO YOU AND YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU PLEASE WITH IT.

What the actual fuck is wrong with you and everyone who reblogged your shitty comment????

Please also note that the length, subject, and relevancy of an artist’s comment do not change this.

Even if you feel the comment is too long— even if you feel the piece can do without it— it is not your place to remove the artist’s comment.

Removing a comment from a piece:

  • takes away an artist’s voice
  • disembodies an artist from their work
  • may abstract needed clarity
  • may remove important notes, details, or text that adds to the piece (even if you feel it does not)
  • removes an easy link that allows people to find the artist (their username over their comment, that is)
  • is straight up disrespectful

Please stop removing comments artists leave on their work.

for artists who want to prevent their comments to be removed, here some other ways they can publish their art to save their comments or whatever they want:
1. Don’t post it online, make a display;
2. Don’t write an edible comment under the image on this website - write above or under your art, like white-written on a black underground or something, so no one will edit it and your art remains untouched;
3. If you write an edible comment, make it as short and minimal as it can be, so it doesn’t take 3/4 of an average blog’s page’s space.

Our blogs don’t belong to those artists - if they choose to publish their art online, they automatically give us the right to choose if to keep their art for their comments, or just to keep their art for the art’s sake (without the comment). If artists don’t like this, too bad, take one of the 3 points I listed, or any other way you want.

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I fucking hate girls that tell men that fucking thing. Think there’s a section in hell for girls like that.

I taught my mum to listen to metal, she stays every evening on youtube listening to more and more of metal tunes.

How many Life Exp do I earn with this?




what if pets…had belly buttons

You nerd pets DO have belly buttons dogs cats elephants bats. ALL MAMMALS HAVE BELLY BUTTONS. we all had an umbilical cord in the mommy tummy so all have belly buttons but most are hidden under fur you dork

Alex show me on a diagram where a kittie’s belly button is. i’m talking like a human belly button..in the middle of a kittens tummy..

Gem wtf is wrong with you

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